According to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development in Australia, the number of road fatalities in 2017 have increased by 8 percent. That is approximately 1300 deaths – a huge difference from the 1205 deaths reported in 2015. And from these deaths, it is estimated that 90 percent was caused by either fatigue or distraction; the latter commonly due to phone usage.

So how do you remain safe while driving? That is plain and simple. All you need is a motorbike phone mount. This little device is highly efficient and will surely keep your hands off the phone. This device is strategically placed in a location where you will no longer be distracted.

motorbike phone mountIf you do frequently drive on your motorbike but still want to keep check with your mobile phone. A holder will definitely be your best solution.


The motorbike phone mount Australia has to offer, will keep your hands on the wheels. Even if you have to wait for an important call or text message, a holder or mount will help you stay focused while driving. Since your mobile phone is placed in front of you but out of your line of sight, it will be easier for you to reach out for the phone. Consequently, you no longer have to fumble inside your pockets when the phone starts ringing.


Responding to a call is hard since you have to precariously balance the mobile device between your neck and ear just to keep it from falling. However, with a motorbike phone mount, you can just tap or turn on the smartphone’s voice command to answer a phone call. Since some holders have sound amplification, you can still speak over the phone with both hands still on the wheel.


If you like to play music on your mobile phone, this holder might come in handy. This vehicle accessory allows you to effortlessly change through radio stations and playlists with a lesser level of contact with your phone. Whether your mobile device is connected via FM transmitter or Bluetooth, you will no longer have to physically grasp it in the palm of your hands and thumb through the screen for song selection. The motorbike phone mount in Australia, therefore, keeps you focused on the road ahead instead.


Nowadays, you can double your phone as a mapping device through the use of GPS or Global Positioning System. You can display maps and routing points, as well as find the easiest way to and from locations just by simply checking on your mobile device. However, this might come as a distraction when you are driving since you have to keep looking to make sure you are going in the right direction. But with a holder, you can set the phone in place and mount it on your motorbike. In this way, you can take glances without even letting go of your handlebar.


Lastly, a motorbike phone mount can also be used as a phone charger. Although not every holder has such features, this is still worth mentioning.

Choosing among many holders and mounts might be confusing. However, you must understand that apart from style, what you must look for is something with convenience and functionality. There are many in the market, you just have to be meticulous about it. For the best motorbike phone mount Australia store has to offer, you can check out online shops such as Mr. Man for quality products.